Background Information

Krystle Able was born and raised in McLean County. The Able family has lived in Normal in District 4 since 2014; however Krystle grew up spending a lot of time in District 4 as she currently lives in the house her grandparents lived in for decades. She is also a self-described "Townie" with 7+ generations of her family calling McLean County home. 

Her grandfathers, Dave Able Sr. and Ralph Liddle, were both military veterans of the Korean War and Ralph retired from the Army National Guard, as well as McLean County Service Co. which is now part of an agriculture cooperative in McLean County. Her father, Dave Able Jr., is a small business owner in McLean County, who followed in his father's footsteps of painting and drywall. Her family also has a strong background in agriculture in the state of Illinois going back multiple generations. 

Krystle graduated from Bloomington High School in 2005 and went on to Heartland Community College and University of Illinois Springfield where she studied English Literature and Political Science. Krystle also attended Illinois Central College for short time. After spending two decades in food service, retail management and property management, Krystle now has a career as a professional organizer with the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans. 

In addition to her professional life, which takes her all over the state organizing retirees and seniors of union groups, progressive faith communities, and other senior and retiree organizations, Krystle is a single mother to three children, Lillian (14), Cashton (12), and Hunter (6). All of her children attend public school through Unit 5. Krystle also works with the West Bloomington Revitalization Project and is the Vice President of Young Democrats of McLean County. 

Krystle was elected to the McLean County Board on Nov. 8th, 2022 with a 4 year term. 

Maintaining our rural roads, bridges, and buildings must remain a priority for the McLean County Board. However, we must reimagine infrastructure by creating maintenance plans that mitigate exorbitant future repair costs. 

We must also continue work to expand broadband internet access, increase green energy initiatives in collaboration with the Ecology Action Center, attract affordable housing expansion opportunities to mitigate the housing shortage, and utilize local labor for these projects whenever possible.

I am passionate about criminal justice reform and the great strides that Democrats have made in ending cash bail and more through the Pretrial Fairness Act.

 I want to help ensure the new legislation is welcomed and enacted in McLean County, and that all of our incarcerated folks, whether from McLean County or outside of our county, are treated fairly, and with dignity, while awaiting trial or serving time in the county jail, including having access to quality healthcare and rehabilitation programs. 

Climate change is a clear and present danger the entire world. In the Midwest the weather is more predictable than other places, our soil is fertile and agriculture is thriving. However we are already seeing the effects of droughts and flooding on our farms and homes right here in McLean County. 

We must be prepared  to combat climate change with modern infrastructure, a continued shift towards renewable resources, and preservation of our natural recreation sites

Community Care is the core to any healthy, thriving society and the McLean County Board must work to continue to improve the Health Department, safe-guard the McLean County Nursing Home, strengthen and expand our mental health services, and making sure our community has access to public programming including the University of Illinois Extension Office (4-H, STEM, Consumer Economics, Nutrition Education, Small Farms, Commercial Ag, Horticulture), and the McLean County Museum of History.